Bush Afterschool Whole Term Date Sessions
(7-12 Years Old)

Bush Afterschool sessions are for child from seven to twelve years old. They are not required to have their adult caregiver attend, although one is welcome. This is an outdoor club for primary school aged kids to get out and about their local community. It is for active and inquisitive students who like to explore. It is a throwback to the days where children were sent out with one rule- to return by dinner time. There is a modern twist, as this program will be supervised by suitably qualified and responsible adults. - It is a learning opportunity to discover local amenities and parks, how to transit there and maximise their potential. - It is a transition to independence program, for children increasingly trusted to take their bike around the block, run down the shop for some bread or even catch the bus to high school. - It is a social program to facilitate care, empathy and connection to multi- age peers. - It is a sustainability program to ensure the protection of our local physical, social and cultural community. - It will include adult and child led experiences to ensure quality and enact children’s ideas and give them a voice. - It is an alternative to returning home and withdrawing to the television or Ipad as a way of unwinding from the day. The less screen time the better. - It is respite for our hard working families, who occasionally need time without their children to be the best parents/ people they can be. WHAT TO PACK- snacks, drink bottle, medical plans, epipens, medications, topped up MYKI card and weather appropriate clothes. It may get hot, cold, windy or wet while we are out.

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