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What is Bush Kindergarten?

Bush Kindergarten is an education system developed and delivered by Natalie Cross. The program is designed for children to have educational sessions in the nature rather than in the classroom as happens in regular kindergartens. This program develops curiosity in children as well as helping them learn to to love the nature.


Natalie is an advocate for children, families and the community. She is currently teaching in Glen Eira and established Bush Kindergarten in 2016. Natalie works with local schools, health professionals, early intervention therapists, bilingual workers and a range of other professional services to optimise outcomes in the critical stage of early learning and development. She spends as much outside as possible, is qualified with a Master of Teaching (Early Years) and is passionate about connecting children to nature and their peers as a powerful means to stimulate creativity, social skills, emotional regulation and language development and many more educational outcomes.

What is So Great About Bush Kindergarten?

Outdoor learning which responds to current Australian Standards, Early Years Curriculum and Government Educational Goals.A holistic curriculum and ecological literacy developed and delivered by highly qualified and experienced professionals. An educational program that complements and further expands on your child's existing kinder and/or care.

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Very fun and informative, Zed had a great time!
K****** K****** , 13-12-2018, ★★★★★, Recommended: Yes

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